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INFACT Consulting focuses on financial markets including banks, public sector treasuries, insurance and investment managers together with the finance and treasury areas within corporates.

INFACT Consulting offers independent consulting on market analysis, strategy, business policy, process and applications, from initial review to completion of change. We also assist with Project Remediation where a project needs expert remediation.  We have a good understanding of systems and particularly newer disruptive technology.

We provide consulting services across analysis of Current State, formulation of Target State strategy, Feasibility Studies, Business Case preparation, requirements, development of RFT's and contract negotiation together with project management or oversight.

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Trading and Risk Consulting

Cyber Risk Consulting

Banking Consulting

Treasury, Cash and Debt Management Consulting

Market Research

In each of the above areas we have:

A comprehensive methodology that includes database of systems, best practice model set of processes and system requirements together with comprehensive procurement and system assessment tools. This allows us to deliver projects on time and within budget. We have experience with most industry standard project management approaches.

Within this methodology we have a total cost of ownership model that addresses current state/do nothing and future state/replacement/enhancement strategies. This includes savings from reduction in FTE and systems operating expense and revenue improvements from functionality enhancement. We generally use this model to create business cases that compare maintaining the current state environment versus potential future state environments.

INFACT Consulting is completely independent of any vendor although through our extensive experience we have a database of systems and vendors with detailed information of current releases and capabilities to suit the situation.

We always maintain a high degree of probity to allow clear audit ability of projects.

One of the key areas that separate us from the rest is that we undertake assignments for both the buy and sell sides of the financial markets. This gives us a deeper understanding of how these markets operate.

For example in the government securities market we have assisted government treasuries, debt managers and banks that trade in securities but also those institutions that invest in them. Being able to see both sides of these financial markets allows INFACT Consulting a competitive edge when assisting your organisation to be one step ahead of the competition. Throughout our two decades of operating within these environments INFACT Consulting can help your organisation pierce the cloud of uncertainty.

Read more about how we do this in our "methodology" section


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